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3 min readJan 20, 2022

By Nyan Heroes

We’re proud to announce yet another major partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a giant in the world of gaming guilds, to bring their scholarship program and massive player base into Nyan Heroes!

About YGG

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized gaming guild bringing players together to earn via blockchain-based games. With over 100,000+ members and over 10,000+ scholars present in 24+ countries, YGG’s mission ​​is to onboard millions of players around the world to the “play-to-earn” revolution that brings the benefits of blockchain technology to those that need them the most.

In 2020, YGG funded the award-winning mini-documentary “Play-to-Earn: NFT Gaming in the Philippines,” which tells the story of a small community in the rural Philippines that earned a living by playing Axie Infinity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

YGG’s efforts also extend to charity and helping out in communities. YGG Pilipinas, together with supporters and partners, raised US$1.4 million as of 2 January 2022 to provide relief and assistance to victims of Typhoon Odette, a catastrophic tropical cyclone that devastated the Philippines in December 2021.

Why We Chose YGG as Our Partner

As a behemoth amongst gaming guilds, YGG has all the necessary resources needed to support scholars playing the game. Their scholarship program has supported more than 10,000 scholars and with Nyan Heroes, more scholars will have opportunities to earn rewards while playing a true AAA-quality game. YGG also hosts game tournaments like their Yield Guild Open, adding vibrancy to the competitive scene for blockchain games.

In addition, YGG brings a massive player base to the game. This is important in a PVP game mode, where players grinding ranks want to pit themselves against the best and obtain satisfaction from emerging victorious. A wider player base also translates into more game strategies from different players and teams, allowing innovation to flourish throughout our community. We can’t wait to see the creative tactics players come up with on the battlefield!

Final Thoughts

We’ve been forming many partnerships with gaming guilds over the past few months and today, we have another giant in the gaming guild world joining the Nyan Army. Together, we have formed a solid foundation and supportive environment for players and scholars to start playing the our AAA-quality game and earn rewards while having fun. That said, the mission to build a strong ecosystem supporting our players doesn’t stop here and we won’t rest until we achieve that goal. Nyan Army, charge forth!

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