Massive Guilds Partnership Announcement

By Nyan Heroes

The Nyan Heroes team is currently developing a true AAA-quality blockchain game with a robust tokenomics system, with the goal of letting our future players have as much fun as they can while rewarding them fairly for their efforts. We have partnered with several gaming guilds so far to achieve that goal and today we are proud to introduce a few of our new partners:


Metaguild is a community-driven project and its core mission is to co-create the Metaverse and promote the play-to-earn reality. Metaguild was founded by a team of crypto enthusiasts, who saw the potential of NFT projects long before they became a buzzword. Metaguild’s DAO enables gamers to contribute to the growth and development of their decentralized community by influencing where Metaguild is going as a guild — and be paid for it. Metaguild aims to be the guild of gamers, not farmers. They support the top players by providing them with the best assets as they consider gaming guilds to be the future in esports.

“Metaguild is always on the lookout for the best-in-class play-to-earn games — and Nyan Heroes is, no doubt, one of the best findings in our portfolio. We believe it is an ambitious and highly anticipated play-to-earn project in the battle royale genre that can draw the attention of millions of gamers playing Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, etc. Metaguild appreciates the competitive games that enable our guild members to maximize the rewards by enhancing skills and fighting to be rocketed up the in-game leaderboard” — Egor, Metaguild co-founder.

Metaverse Mining Alliance

Metaverse Mining Alliance has its origins in Axie Infinity but have now expanded to include many new games. Over the past year, the team has grown to ten core members while successfully building a business holding millions of dollars in assets. Their scholar base continues to expand, and they currently manage more than 1,000 scholars. MMA’s integrated approach across the Treasury, Research and Gaming teams is a key factor which gives them an additional edge in compounding and growing at a rapid rate.

MMA’s detailed game research framework looks at the team, the roadmap, game economy and much more to choose the best games for their scholars. Through this framework, MMA has determined Nyan Heroes to be a promising project to achieve their goals and have acquired assets to be used in-game. They will be deploying these assets and their scholars into the game as it is rolled out in 2022.

“In a frontier market like Play-to-earn, for the ecosystem to thrive partnerships are crucial. The sum of our roadmap, our vision, is to ultimately strengthen the metaverse, adding real transactional value to the ecosystem. We hope all early participants share this ethos — being a dominant guild is important, but should not be the only goal as it will act as a bottleneck to growth. Our partnership with Nyan Heros is another link in the chain, strengthening the P2E ecosystem and ensuring a solid foundation for the growth that is to come!” — Casper, MMA co-founder

Hooga Gaming

Hooga Gaming is a web3 Gaming Guild that focuses on spearheading the evolution of GameFi through competitive gaming. The guild of 330 scholars has plans and infrastructure ready to nurture its guild members to be contenders in the Nyan Heroes ecosystem.

Hooga Gaming believes this partnership is vital to the guild as they explore the potential of growing the guild with Nyan Heroes. Hooga Gaming aims to nurture players to compete in the competitive scene of Nyan Heroes in the future by providing the resources and training needed for their players to excel.

“You’re probably NGMI if you tell me you’re not into watching Cats in Robots fighting each other out.” — VTES369, Hooga Gaming


Nonlinear is a research and investment group excited about play-to-earn, particularly for the potential it has in connecting the underprivileged and unbanked population to the global economy. Nonlinear has acquired assets to support the enrolment of over 6000 players into gaming scholarships and are building a metaguild to facilitate player onboarding and management.

“I believe only games that focus on providing a quality gameplay rather than ponzinomics can become sustainable in the play-and-earn space, so partnering with Nyan Heroes was an obvious choice.” — Dijkstra’s Revenge, Nonlinear

Cosmic Gaming Guild

Cosmic Guild is a DAO where players and investors can come together, combining expertise and capital to achieve the optimal yield generation for stakeholders. Cosmic currently has 1000+ scholars from Philippines and Vietnam. Nyan Heroes is one of the games that Cosmic intends to focus on — coaching new players, streaming gameplays and giving their gamers access to the guild’s treasury of Nyan NFTs to maximize their experience in the game!

“Our community of gamers are always looking for fun and interesting games to play. We’re psyched for Nyan Heroes and have been accumulating Nyan NFTs so that our scholars can be one of the first to experience Nyan Heroes!” — Kenneth, Cosmic Guild co-founder

555 DAO

555 DAO is a community-driven, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that supports P2E games on the Solana Blockchain. 555 DAO supports partner games by buying their tokens, NFTs, and other in-game assets. The DAO’s passionate gaming community also supports the gaming ecosystem through playing the game and transacting in-game assets.

“Nyan Heroes is one of the most promising P2E games launching in 2022. They have an all star team led by incredible founders, and an extremely engaged community enriched with a fantastic culture. 555 DAO are super honored to be partnering with Nyan Heroes and supporting them in their mission to become the most played P2E game.” — GK, 555 DAO co-founder

Azer Game Guild

Azer Game Guild focuses on discovering high-quality early blockchain projects and acquiring assets to help their gamers perform at their best. They are partners of Azer Capital which focuses on providing community media services and in-depth investment research analysis. Azer Game Guild is committed to expanding the outreach of the blockchain projects amongst investors and the media.

We’re excited to see what our partner guilds can achieve with their in-game assets and look forward to building a strong community for Nyan Heroes together. WAGMI!

Learn more about our partners here:


Metaverse Mining Alliance:

Hooga Gaming:


Cosmic Gaming Guild:

555 DAO:

Azer Game Guild:



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