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4 min readMay 7, 2024

Attention Nyans, brace yourselves for an adrenaline-fueled battle as Ranked Mode officially makes its grand entrance alongside Season 2 in Nyan Heroes. The Battledome opens its doors once again for heroes from all over to prove their worth to be called Champion.

Season 2 Overview

Mark your calendars, the servers officially open at 13:00 UTC, Tuesday May 8th and will last until May 26th. Don’t miss a beat! Ensure you have the game pre-downloaded to dive straight into the action as soon as the clock strikes. Head over to Epic Games and download the game.

Ranked Mode serves as the ultimate test of skill and strategy, where players battle it out to climb the ranks and prove their prowess. Season 2 brings a fresh wave of missions, rewards, and exhilarating gameplay experiences to earn Seasonal Catnip. During the playtest, players will have daily missions to complete alongside harder weekly missions to earn Seasonal Catnip.

Ranks & MMR

Player Ranks and Matchmaking Rating (MMR) might be new to Nyan Heroes, but they have been a key feature of similar highly competitive games in the genre. MMR is an internal score that is used to determine a player’s skill and match them against other players of similar rating.

While we won’t delve into the intricate details of MMR logic, we do want to briefly explain how to gain ranks during Season 2. You only gain MMR when you win a game and you lose MMR when you lose a game. You earn higher MMR based on your opposing team’s average MMR as well as your performance from your KDA, and the amount of damage you deal, heal or block.

As you gain and lose MMR, your rank will change on our leaderboard. In our last post, we briefly detailed the 9 ranks coming to Nyan Heroes. There is no set MMR rating a player needs in order to be a certain rank. Ranks are determined on the overall percentage of the players. For example, the Champion Rank is reserved for the top 1% of all Nyan Heroes players. This also means that you can lose a rank if other players gain more MMR than you, so make sure to log in and play everyday to keep your ranking!

Solo/Duo Mode

To ensure a fair matchmaking and ranking experience, we are limiting party sizes to 2. This means that you and one other player can enter queue together. Keeping parties small allows for more balanced games and prevents well-coordinated teams of 6 to completely dominate the Battledome.

Need a partner? Join our Discord and find the #lfg-partyer-finder channel, where comrades await to join forces and conquer the competition.


The thrill of victory isn’t the only reward awaiting champions in Ranked Mode. Season 2 offers a completely new pool of $NYAN to win. If you missed Season 1, this is your chance to farm Catnip and covert it to our token.

As you gain MMR, so does the amount of Seasonal Catnip you can earn. Our leaderboard is divided into each of the 9 ranks, plus the top 10 players based on highest MMR score. Players who want to gain a lot of Catnip will need to climb all the way to the top! We still need a bit more time to finalize the rewards for players. Stay tuned as we unveil the tantalizing rewards for those who dominate the leaderboards.


Fair play is paramount in Nyan Heroes, and we’re doubling down on our efforts to maintain integrity within the ranks.

In Season 1, players who were AFK didn’t gain any progress towards their missions. In Season 2, the game will now kick a AFK player from the match and attempt to fill the open spot with another hero waiting in the queue. Kicked players and match leavers will not only gain no progress to their in-game missions, but also lose a substantial amount of MMR.

Season 2 also brings a new anti-cheat to prevent other players from gaining an unfair advantage through altering their game files. We’re using Easy Anti-Cheat to ensure a level playing field. Going forward in our development, Easy Anti-Cheat is required to play Nyan Heroes.

Community Events

To amplify the excitement of Ranked Play, we will be hosting numerous events in our community. These are additional ways to earn more Catnip outside of the game. From creating memes, to livestreaming and even playing bingo! We have a variety of activities and competitions for you to participate in. Make sure to join our Discord so you don’t miss the next opportunity!

Bugs & Feedback

Your experience matters, and we’re committed to delivering the best possible gaming experience. If you encountered a pesky bug or have a really great idea you want to share, head over to our Discord and let your voice be heard. As a token of our appreciation, rewards await those who contribute to enhancing Nyan Heroes.

Suit Up!

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with triumphs, challenges, and unforgettable moments. Ranked Play awaits, beckoning champions to rise to the occasion and etch their names into New Nekovia history. See you in the Battledome!



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