Season 2: Jump into the Hunt for Catnip with New Ranks and Rewards

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4 min readMay 1, 2024

As we close a triumphant Season 1 Airdrop, which saw us climbing to the Top 30 most played game on Epic Games thanks to your incredible support, we’re excited to usher in Airdrop Season 2 — Hunt for Catnip! This new season has an improved gaming experience and rare but valuable Catnip Rewards. Here’s what’s coming.

What’s New in Season 2?

Suit-up Guardians! Nyan Heroes is re-opening for a limited time. Season 2 introduces a new matchmaking ranking system (commonly known as MMR) designed to enhance competitive skill and reward players for their performance. Starting from ground zero — whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, MMR will match you with other players of similar skill level, pushing your strategic prowess. Each victory will be crucial in climbing the leaderboard. Will you be crowned Champion?

  • Champion
  • Grand Master
  • Master
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Unranked

Why Catnip Matters

This season, climb the ranks and gather Catnip. Similar to Season 1, players will be able to earn Catnip through daily social missions and by completing objectives in-game. Depending on your standing at the end of the season, you can earn additional Catnip with higher ranks getting increasingly bigger rewards. At the end of Season 2, your Catnip will directly convert into $NYAN.

Players returning from Season 1 will get a head start in Season 2. Any Catnip you earned in-game previously we multiplied it 100x and will reflect on your “Game Missions” balance on our website. It pays to get in early!

Save Time, Cut the Grind

With the new ranking system, climbing the leaderboard is less focused on time and more on skill. Players will need to apply all they have learned in Season 1 to increase their standings. Don’t nap for too long though, for your position is not secured. Rankings are constantly evolving the more people play. You’ll need to continue to play throughout the Season to ensure you don’t fall behind on the leaderboard.

Eliminating Bots & Multi-Account Farming

During Season 2, we will be rolling out a new verification process designed to prevent others from taking more than their fair share of rewards during seasonal airdrops. Even if you participated in Season 1, you’ll still need to verify your humanity — simple steps to keep our community competitive and safe (no matter what). Any reclaimed tokens from this process will always go back to the community to be used for future seasons or as surprise airdrops to players.

Airdrop Season 1 & Community Contributions

From the airdrop to community driven missions, Season 1 was a blast thanks to your participation. Our social missions, Holder NFT missions and referral programs not only brought us closer to you, but pushed us into a much-sought after game in the Web3 community. With Season 1 now closed and the snapshot taken, the team is working quickly to add any multipliers you may have unlocked and finalize the allocations for all participants.

You can check your Season 1 points at any time by going to:

Thank MEOW For Your Patience

We’re a small studio punching above our weight, and we are blown away and deeply grateful for your engagement. As we calculate the MEOW points and prepare rewards, we thank you for your continued patience and enthusiasm. This airdrop will be fully claimable upon token launch. However, keep in mind — there are going to be more than just 2 seasons

Keep your eyes open for the excitement this month!

May 2024

  • Season 2 kickoff — Hunt for Catnip!
  • Ranked Playtest for a couple weeks ;) warm up those skills!
  • Various Partnership Announcements
  • Claim your Season 1 Airdrop (MEOW) Points! Yippeee
  • Token Launch

Keep your eyes on our social media channels for the latest updates and events.

Thank you once again and let the games begin!!!

-Nyan Heroes Team



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