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4 min readMar 10, 2022

Hey Nyan Army!

We hope you’ve all been safe and well. Our team has been hard at work these past few months, and we are extremely excited to share some important updates with our community about what we’re releasing in the upcoming months. That’s right, we’re talking IDO, tokenomics, a spicy new cinematic trailer, and a Mechdrop! Our team has grown to 40+ strong now, and with our new additions we’ve been able to expand our game development, creative vision, and community building. We have also been monitoring the state of the world, not just in crypto but in real life. We believe in creating a game that not only provides an enjoyable experience for our players, but also gives back to our Nyan Heroes community and beyond. Here is an update of where we are currently at in our game development process, and how we plan to move forward for the rest of the year:

Cinematic Trailer

Our team has been hard at work building the game and we have made significant progress in its development. After two months of generation and countless iterations, we are extremely close to the release of the cinematic trailer. Here’s a sneak peak…


Given the current turmoil and difficulties faced in the world, we feel it is only right for us to push back our IDO and refocus our efforts towards providing support for affected people including our own community members during these tumultuous times.

To provide direct assistance to those affected by the Ukrainian crisis, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our upcoming 1-of-1 collaboration NFT auction to Ukraine. The SOL will be converted to USDT and sent to the Ukrainian Government crypto wallet address.

If you would like to donate, the Ukrainian Government has shared their crypto wallet addresses here.

Our IDO is now planned for Q2. The IDO contract and web portal is ready and the $NYN staking contract is being finalized currently. However, we will continue to watch the situation in Ukraine and ensure it is an appropriate time to do so. We extend our wishes and prayers to those caught in the middle of this conflict and encourage anyone who is able to help to donate to those organizations currently assisting refugees.


We’re in the final stages of our mech design for all of your cute and cool Nyan NFTs. Once the IDO happens, we will be releasing our first Mechdrop. An article with the complete details of the Mechdrop will be released soon, so be sure to stay updated and follow our Twitter, our Medium page (the one you’re reading right now), join our Discord and our Telegram if you haven’t already.


We have concluded our fundraising rounds and the next round will be the much anticipated IDO. The current breakdown for $NYN token supply is as follows:

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $NYN

Investors: 250,000,000 $NYN

Public sale/IDO: 50,000,000 $NYN

Team: 200,000,000 $NYN

Reserve: 100,000,000 $NYN

Ecosystem: 100,000,000 $NYN

Incentives: 300,000,000 $NYN

We will be releasing a more detailed article about tokenomics, including the vesting schedules and breakdown of each section of the token supply.

We appreciate your patience and understanding! Just know that despite the world crises and the mini bear market we are facing, the team is continuing to expand and build throughout. We are fully committed to our vision and look forward to seeing things settle down and sharing progress! Our cinematic trailer will showcase very soon so make sure your Nyan NFTs are well fed, rested, and ready to battle for Nekovia. The fight is just beginning.

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