Pre-Alpha Leaderboard Rewards

Nyan Heroes
2 min readApr 5, 2024

The Nyan Heroes Pre-Alpha Demo has been in full swing for 10 days and we have been absolutely purring with all of the reception it has received. Over 100,000 players have downloaded and entered the Battledome, and new players continue to pour in every day.

We teased there would be rewards for the top players on our leaderboard at the start of Pre-Alpha, and we’re astounded at the dedication and level of skill players are putting forth to climb the ranks. With only 5 days left, we are excited to share the full details of the leaderboard rewards for the Pre-Alpha Demo.

The Leaderboard ranking is determined by total wins during the Pre-Alpha Demo. The more wins you achieve, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be. Players can track their current ranking in-game by clicking RANKINGS on the top menu and sorting by Wins (the default ranking).

The top 100 players will be shown on the leaderboard. If you are not in the top 100 ranking, your personal rank will always be shown at the bottom of the list next to your username. In the case of players with equal amount of wins and are placed in a lower tier, you will be rewarded the higher tier. For example, Rank 500 and 501 have the same amount of wins, Rank 501 will be granted the same reward as Rank 500.

All MEOWS earned from the Leaderboard will be added to a player’s point total before any unlocked multiplier is factored in.

Nyan Heroes Pre-Alpha ends officially on April 9th 2024! With less than one week to go, we look forward to seeing the Leaderboard rankings evolve into it’s final form!

Pro-Tip: Party-Up!

Playing in a party significantly increases your odds of winning a game. So grab your friends, team-up, and climb the Leaderboard together!

Don’t have team? We got you. In our Discord, we have a dedicated LFG (Looking for Group) channel and customized voice channels for communicating with teammates while playing Nyan Heroes.



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