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We’re proud to announce we have teamed up with PathDAO, a leading guild and DAO, to bring new players into the exciting world of Nekovia and further the development of our ecosystem for P2E players!

The Rise of Play-to-Earn Communities

We have seen play-to-earn (P2E) communities explode in 2021 against the backdrop of a pandemic affecting the jobs of many people in countries around the world. For many, gaming has transformed from just a hobby into a real avenue to earn a livelihood and provide for their families. Nyan Heroes is aiming to help such people perform at their best and earn more rewards by partnering with leading Guilds and DAOs seeking to support P2E gamers.

About PathDAO

PathDAO is a community-first DAO that invests and manages assets in the growing blockchain metaverse. It focuses on building a P2E community and investing in blockchain-based game assets. PathDAO also aims to bring innovative fintech solutions to gamers, helping to support underbanked communities in need.

Why We Chose PathDAO as Our Partner

As we steadily approach our game launch in 2022, we want to make sure we build a robust community and gaming ecosystem for our players. Through this partnership with PathDAO, we can create the conditions desired for our P2E players to play at their best and earn more.

PathDAO has acquired a treasury of 100 Genesis Nyan NFTs for its scholar program. These NFTs will provide access to Genesis Guardians, enabling scholars who play our game to receive an increased amount of our utility token $CTNP and other boosted rewards, so they can earn more while playing the game.

For new players, PathDAO has the resources, network and connections prepared to onboard and groom scholars to excel in the game. They have a structured training program designed to hone the skills of scholars and are working on building a physical gaming school to further enhance the scholar experience. Currently, PathDAO has a network of 1,000 scholars, and continues to expand into new geographical regions such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Scholars from all over the world can tap into this network and collaborate to play the game, learn from each other and generate gaming and social content together.

What’s more exciting is that PathDAO is currently working on a fintech product roadmap, aiming to be a plug-and-play solution for gamers and scholars. PathDao’s vision is to measure a player’s earning potential based on performance data across games, uniquely enabling them to offer financial products to the gamefi market. For example, scholars might be able to ring-fence a portion of their gaming earnings for access to real-life savings and insurance plans that would otherwise be impossible to access through traditional institutions. Ultimately, this will help bring financial inclusion to the P2E gamer community within Path’s guild ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Nyan Heroes community continues to expand everyday, from individual players to guilds and DAOs. We’re so excited to form this partnership with PathDAO and we look forward to welcoming many outstanding scholars emerging from this program!

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