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4 min readMay 30, 2022


By Joshua Avila, Social Media Manager

EDC picked the one and only, Las Vegas, for its colorful festival. The dark desert set a perfect stage for EDM’s biggest stage, and the enormous structures and electric lights rivaled even the Strip’s majesty and exposition. The night wind was loud and chilly. Armed with a small Canon camera, I wandered the grounds of EDC searching for the perfect shot.

This year, EDC Las Vegas partnered with top web3 projects for a first-ever NFT Art Gallery. This gallery was a circular Stonehenge-like set of pillars with each facade displaying a different NFT. The purpose of this collaboration was to raise funds for charity, which Nyan Heroes is no stranger to. We loved this idea of introducing NFTs and blockchain gaming to a completely new audience, so our art team created a beautiful, animated 1:1 Electric Daisy Nyan NFT that bobbed its furry head to the music amidst a glittery background of exploding fireworks. We were so excited to showcase it at one of the largest music festivals in the US!

One of the main stages at EDC Las Vegas.

My assignment when I arrived at EDC was to take pictures of our Nyan NFT and the Gallery as a whole to share with the Nyan Army. Having never been to a massive music festival before, I had no idea what to expect, but EDC took my breath away. Surrounding the NFT gallery were giant illuminated mushrooms that shined different colors in the night. Stages dotted the landscape blasting genres of EDM that I couldn’t even describe. People in ranges of costumes, cosplays, and clothing layers bounced around from venue to venue. I enjoyed taking photos in as many angles as humanly possible. Though I’m no professional photographer, I did my best to capture the beauty of EDC with our Nyan NFT in the spotlight.

As night arrived, I took some time to enjoy some DJ sets with my friends. While I was listening to MEDUZA’s set on one of the main stages, a light bulb lit up in my head. What if we recorded some montage-style footage featuring different fetsival-goers posing in front of the Electric Daisy Nyan? Images of concert footage mixed with luxury cologne brand commercials popped up in my mind, and I had an idea for what I was looking for. As soon as MEDUZA finished his set, I grabbed my friends and raced back to the NFT Gallery.

The entrance to the Daisy Lane section that welcomed festival-goers to the NFT Art Gallery. So many people!

When we arrived, we found a large crowd of people browsing through the Art Gallery, some sitting down or hanging out next to our Nyan NFT. Here is where I found the models for our video. After introducing myself, I asked a few fashionable folks if I could photograph them. They responded enthusiastically and were very fun and easy to work with. I tried different shots of them sitting, standing, meowing, and purring next to the Nyan NFT. These muses acted like it was Paris fashion week with Anna Wintour in attendance and served their fiercest looks for the camera. At one point I realized it was getting too dark and I frantically searched for a source of light to continue getting shots of the beautiful people. My friend then calmly whips out his iPhone, turns on his flashlight on its brightest setting, and says “why don’t you just use this?” This is what real friends are for. I took more footage with the flashlight and thanked them for their time. They told me they really enjoyed the shoot, loved our Nyan NFT, and bid me farewell. That’s the best thing I discovered at EDC; everyone was so friendly and welcoming. This is the energy I hoped to capture in my photos and videos.

Another main stage of EDC Las Vegas. Flags and totems were everywhere!

I think this collaboration really shows the power that web3 has for making a positive and tangible difference in the world. All of the NFT projects being auctioned at the Art Gallery will be donating the final bids to various real-life charities. This partnership demonstrates that when we, as the Web3 community, come together for a cause, we all benefit. And you can have fun doing it too!

Nyan Heroes extends our warmest purrs of thanks to EDC Las Vegas for being such a gracious host and collaborator for this project. We hope you enjoy the Nyan Heroes x EDCLV collaboration. Once the funds from our auction have been verified, we will happily announce the amount and charity recipient.

Until next time, Nyan Army! MEOW!


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