Nyan Heroes Presale Time and Update

As we draw closer to our presale, we wanted to address some of the questions we have been getting about the format of how our Presale Missions will be run!

Firstly, the Missions are titled “Engage and Earn” so you might have some idea of what they might be. We are looking to reward real people, not bots, and therefore have decided to run our presale event as such. We will not be revealing the nature of any Mission until the corresponding date unfortunately.

Here is a refresher of how our Missions will be run:

  • Mission 1 will commence on the 16th October 11AM PST! Please check your own timezone and note the time down in your calendar! Please follow our twitter and discord for the announcement video
  • Mission 1 will run for 22 hours. Successful players will be drawn from a lottery to be whitelisted for our Mission 1 presale
  • Mission 1 winners will be announced on the 17th October at 11AM PST
  • These winners will have 24 hours to mint their Genesis Nyans from our website. If you do not mint your Genesis Nyan within the time limit, you will forfeit your chance once, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Mission 2 will then commence on the 18th October at 11AM PST
  • This will continue until all 10 Missions are completed

The amount of whitelisted spots is not linear across our missions. As our missions progress, fewer and fewer spots will be available. Here is the breakdown of presale spots for each mission

  • Mission 1 — 1000 presale spots
  • Mission 2 — 900 presale spots
  • Mission 3 — 800 presale spots
  • Mission 4 — 700 presale spots
  • Mission 5 — 600 presale spots
  • Mission 6 — 500 presale spots
  • Mission 7 — 400 presale spots
  • Mission 8 — 300 presale spots
  • Mission 9 — 200 presale spots
  • Mission 10 — 100 presale spots

As you can see, the amount of presale spots decreases because the missions get harder as you progress. But if you are able to make it to the final mission, you may have a higher chance of being whitelisted as who knows how many others will make it this far…

Good luck Nyan Soldiers, our army needs you!



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