Nyan Heroes: Introduction

The team at Nyan Heroes is excited to welcome you to our metaverse! Nyan!

We are all working extemely hard to bring to our supporters a project that is worthy of your attention. Here are some values that all of us hold dear to our hearts that you can expect to see come to fruition in the next few weeks to months.

  1. A fair distribution of our NFT Genesis Avatars
  2. Robust tokenomics, decentralized governance and staking mechanisms
  3. An extensive 4 year Roadmap
  4. AAA quality gameplay
  5. Lastly, a network of partners and charities that ensure that a portion of all revenue generated goes to saving real life kitties. In other words, play Nyan Heroes and become a Nyan’s Hero! 😻

We are striving for a project that will literally change the world, for you - our supporters, as well as the animals that you will save.

-The Nyan Heroes Team

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Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is a F2P Play-And-Earn Battle Royale built on the Solana blockchain.