Nyan Heroes Early Access Play-to-Airdrop Announcement 2024

Nyan Heroes
3 min readJan 15, 2024

Nyan Heroes community! We’re excited to announce our highly anticipated Early Access Play-to-Airdrop campaign!

This will be the first opportunity for our community and fans to obtain our coveted $NYAN ecosystem token, which will form the economic backbone of our Nyan Heroes game, as well as any future games released in the Nyan Heroes universe. This airdrop serves as a token of our gratitude to the community and extends an invitation to both new and existing players to join in on the adventure!

What is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is a team-based hero shooter featuring small cats piloting giant mechs. Use unique abilities and advanced feline movement to secure objectives and defeat your opponents. Customize your mech loadout with various weapons and mods to explore a multitude of strategic playstyles. Even if your mech falls in battle, do not despair! Your cat pilot has an array of skills that can help your team change the tide of battle.

Get in on the Early Access Play-to-Airdrop

Want to be part of our airdrop? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Join the Meows: Follow & jump into our Twitter and Discord chats and be part of the daily buzz.
  • Stay up to date: Join our telegram group, subscribe to our socials on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok AND pre-register your interest here. We will have more Airdrop campaign updates and details that we will send out over the next few weeks so make sure you are up to date with the latest news by being connected.
  • Be a Proud Owner: Our Early Access Game will be available for all to play, but those that own our NFTs (Nyan Heroes or Guardians) will be eligible for additional airdrop rewards.
  • Participate in our events, contests, and challenges: For those that don’t own an NFT, don’t worry! Some of our challenges we are running over the next few weeks will reward the top participants with our Genesis collection NFTs, which you will be able to use during the Play2Airdrop campaign to boost your airdrop rewards, and become a part of the unique ecosystem of Nyan Heroes
  • Promote Nyan Heroes: Share your experiences and game content on social media.
  • Share Your Wisdom: Help out newbies, share tips, or stir up some good discussions.

What is the $NYAN token?

This Airdrop marks a significant event in the Nyan timeline, and if you want access to a piece of our ecosystem pie, you don’t want to miss this opportunity

$NYAN is our native token, and serves as the ecosystem token for value accrual through the distribution of our marketplace fees, mint fees and studio revenue buybacks. $NYAN has a fixed total supply, and thus through these burn mechanisms, will be deflationary over time. The velocity of deflation will be directly correlated to network activity and marketplace transactions. $NYAN will also serve as our governance token with staking mechanisms tied in. All value, whether it is through our traditional web2 monetization mechanics, or our new web3 design, will flow through and be captured by $NYAN.

Mark Your Calendars

Stay in the loop with all our events. Check our Twitter and Discord for the latest:



  • Stay tuned for events, contest, & activities


  • Two Weeks of Early Access Playtest (tbc!)
  • Stay tuned for activities
  • We wrap up our Airdrop activities

Your Safety Matters to Us

Your security is our top priority. We stick to the strictest safety standards and will never ask for your private keys.

Don’t miss this awesome chance to score free tokens and bring your friends into the world of Nyan Heroes!



Nyan Heroes

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