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4 min readOct 1, 2021

Good morning fellow Nyans! It has been a long time coming and the team here appreciates your patience and support while we’ve been hard at work ironing out the details! But the wait is over! Read below to find out how to claim your Nyan Hero, and join the fight to reclaim Nekovia!

Presale Begins 16th of October

We will be commencing our presale and whitelisting process on the 16th of October! Please read carefully about how our presale will run to ensure that you do not miss out on our limited time presale spots and presale pricing.

We will be allocating 5500 out of 11,111 Genesis Nyan NFTs in our presale. YES that’s right 5500! Why is this number so much higher than other projects? The answer is simple. We believe in the long term success of our Project and we want to ensure that our early supporters and community are the ones who end up holding our Nyan NFTs in their wallets. What we don’t want to see are bots and flippers snapping up thousands of our Nyans only to dump them on the secondary market afterwards for a quick flip. The price for each Genesis Nyan will be 3 SOL.

So how are we going to distribute our 5500 Nyans? We will be running a series of missions that we are calling “Engage and Earn”. Each mission has a set of tasks you must complete within 24 hours to finish that mission. Once completed, you will be entered into a lottery system which will draw winners who will have their wallet addresses whitelisted for 24 hours. Those winners MUST mint a Nyan Hero within that 24 hours or else their whitelist position will be lost. IMPORTANT, if you win a whitelist spot, it is recommended to immediately mint your Genesis Nyan in case you accidentally forget and your whitelist spot disappears after 24 hours.

Once the first mission is complete, we will move onto mission 2 whereby more players will have a chance to be whitelisted.

There will be 10 missions in total, which means each player has 10 opportunities to be whitelisted! If lucky the maximum amount of Genesis Nyans you can mint would be 10, but the chances of being drawn 10 rounds out of 10 are fairly low. There is additionally no guarantee that you will be drawn at all due to the lottery system, which means to maximize your chances, you should participate in EVERY mission. We don’t want any of our early supporters to miss out, so make sure you participate in as many missions as you can.

ALSO, every player must complete the prior mission to advance to the next mission. If a player joins midway through the whitelisting process, they will still need to complete all prior missions, but since the rewards for those missions have already been distributed, they will only be able to enter the whitelist draw for the CURRENT mission. This means if you have friends that you think might be interested, you must bring them in early so you both have a higher chance of being whitelisted as these missions are time sensitive.

The Presale will last for 3 weeks with 10 opportunities to be drawn!

Public Sale Begins 8th November

After the presale concludes, we will be launching our Public Sale on November 8th for our last remaining 5100 Genesis Nyans + any unclaimed Nyans from the Presale. The public sale will be conducted via the Solana FairLaunchProtocol. The minimum price set will be 3 SOL and the ceiling will be set at 6 SOL. The FairLaunchProtocol will run roughly over 1 day, with the first bidding phase lasting 30min, and the final price of the Genesis Nyans will be determined by fair public consensus. This is also an elegant means of defeating bots as the SOL that is bid will be locked until the Protocol has concluded.

[Note that the team will be reserving 500 NFTs for direct purchases from various gaming guilds, as well as running giveaways, competitions and airdrops]

Hope you managed to make it through to the end! It was long but it is important that we clearly communicate the specifics of how and why we have designed our Genesis Sale to run in this way. We believe in fair distribution to our community, and preventing gas wars and bot buying.

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