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4 min readNov 3, 2022


Hey Nyan Army!

This month’s Town Hall brought lots of exciting updates and announcements from our studio. We are incredibly proud of the success of our Genesis Guardian Drop, and we have you to thank for that. We now aim our full efforts towards the development of the game, and we are excited to share what we have been working on so far. The following is a summary of the updates that CEO Max Fu and Senior Art Producer Purva Garg discussed during the Town Hall:

Studio Updates

Our first priority is to finish development of our first playable demo and taking care to ensure that we bring the vibrancy and character of cats to our world and gameplay systems. We are on track to finish it by the end of Q1 2023.

Our first new and exclusive Nyan Heroes merch will soon be ready to own! Mark your calendars as we go live publicly with these limited-run items on November 15th. Those who received a Merch Token from the Genesis Guardian Drop public mint will get early access on November 8th. It’s not too late to participate in the Genesis Guardian unboxing experience to receive your Merch Token. Mint your Genesis Guardian by November 7th so you can take part!

Game Development Updates

The game development teams are collaborating towards the creation of a world art benchmark with focuses on quality performance, fun playability, and exceptional art.

Our goal is to raise the quality of the city level that you saw in the first gameplay demo. Nekovia will look more detailed and have higher quality buildings like a train station and a hangar. As our game is set in a world populated by cats, the Guardians should move in similar ways. The teams are designing the characters in aspects that reflect the personality and movement of cats. These movements will guide the gameplay design and world building later in development.

Community Questions

How are you going to manage $CTNP distribution?

We are currently working on an account model system for our players, but we are in early stages of finalizing the model. We now have wallet integration built into our Unreal Engine which allows essentially two layers of ownership. Our end goal is that with or without a wallet, all of your in-game assets, rewards, tokens, and items will be seamlessly integrated in the final game.

What is the value of 1 $CTNP?

It is currently pegged at $0.01. This is to ensure that we maintain flexibility, and due to coming stable coin regulations, we must be over-collateralized in order to maintain a stable coin ecosystem.

If there were people who weren’t eligible for minting due to moving wallets at the time of the snapshot, what happens to the Guardian Mech NFTs?

We have taken the greatest care to ensure that every holder has the chance to mint their Guardians. This is why we opened the minting process for 30 days. However, with specific situations like this, if the Nyans have been moved at the time of the snapshot, then the possibility opens up to do giveaways or events to give them out to the community.

What is the gameplay plan for Land?

At the moment, we are still in the initial stages in regards to land. We are trying to actively input utility into the land that enhances the gameplay. More will be revealed later as we firm up our plans around it.

As always, we are immensely grateful for your support and enthusiasm. We cannot wait to showcase the demo as we build it, but for now we hope you have a safe and heartwarming November. Happy Holidays!

The Nyan Heroes team

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