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4 min readDec 8, 2021

gm Nyan Army!

We are excited to announce the beginning of the gamefi era — the official Nyan Heroes NFT Staking Expeditions program is now available on our website for all Genesis Nyan holders! As we work towards building the premier AAA play-to-earn game, we want to create ways to reward our early adopters prior to release. To do so, we plan to distribute up to $1.5 million of rewards over the next six months through this program, with more exciting rewards to follow as well for our long-term supporters

Players can stake their Genesis Nyan NFTs by sending them on Expeditions to earn our in-game utility token, $CTNP (Catnip). You will be able to choose from Expeditions that last for 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. When you send a Genesis Nyan on an Expedition, they will be removed from your wallet, though they will be returned after the selected time period ends. You can also choose to cancel an Expedition to unstake & return your Nyan to your wallet sooner, but note you will NOT be rewarded with any $CTNP.

Staking Expedition Website:

How To Stake:

Connect your wallet to our Staking Expedition website that contains the Genesis Nyan NFT(s).

Connect your wallet that contains the Genesis Nyan NFT

Send your Genesis Nyan on an Stake Exploration by pressing on Embark.

You can select from 7, 14 and 30 days in the exploration menu.

Once your Nyan is on their Expedition Mission, you can view their progress or cancel their exploration by hovering over their image.

Congrats! Your Nyans are now going on expedition missions and earning $CTNP!

The amount of $CTNP you earn will only depend on two things:

  • The rarity of the Nyan
  • The length of the Expedition

Nyan Rarity Calculation Multipliers:

  • Common: 1.0x
  • Uncommon: 1.59x
  • Rare: 3.29x
  • Ultra Rare: 6.57x
  • Legendary: 11.5x

Expedition Length Multipliers:

  • 7 days: 1.0x
  • 14 days: 1.2x
  • 30 days: 1.5x


  • How does the length multiplier work? To clarify the length multiplier, you’ll earn $CTNP in proportion to the duration of the Expedition, with the multiplier applied on top. In other words, a 14-day Expedition will yield 1.2x the amount of $CTNP you’d otherwise earn by doing two 7-day Expeditions back-to-back. So send your Nyans on longer quests if you want to earn more rewards!
  • Is the $CTNP token trading on any market? $CTNP is not yet available for trading. Your $CTNP yield will be locked and held in safe escrow until our game launches in approximately 12 months. Our staking protocol will diligently record the rewards you earn over time, and rewards will be distributed to your wallet upon game release. Rest assured the amount of $CTNP you are earning will always be visible to you real-time on the Nyan Heroes dashboard.
  • How long does the current staking program last? After the initial six-month period, we will carefully evaluate and distribute a new pool of rewards over the following six months. We want to be sure to continue to reward long-term holders at a rate that will also ensure the token price and sustainability of our in-game economy. The goal of Expeditions isn’t a quickpump or shill for the game or the token — it’s to truly reward Nyan Heroes’ supporters. Consider it as a pre-registration bonus for being a diamond hand!

What are some planned use cases for $CTNP?

  • Minting new NFTs, characters and items
  • Leveling up your gear and parts
  • Creating consumables from in-game materials
  • Purchasing rare cosmetic skins
  • Participating in the player-based economy

Thanks for being our earlier adopters. Now let the Genesis Nyans you’ve collected work for you and let us reward you for your continued support with a unique yield in $CTNP!

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