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4 min readJan 31, 2023

What is something that people are usually shocked about when they tell you about who you are?

People are often shocked to find out that I was a Doctor, in fact, a Gastrointestinal Surgical Registrar in the RACS training program in Australia. It’s not every day one sees a blue-haired Doctor, although of course, back then my hair wasn’t blue. Furthermore, at 36, I still look somewhat like a kid, adding to the astonishment.

Around 8–9 years ago, I left the medical profession as I realized it wasn’t my real passion; it was merely the longing of my traditional Asian parents. Even though I don’t have regrets about the time I spent in the field, I definitely enjoy my current work much more!

What challenges that you’ve faced over time before starting Nyan Heroes?

One of the biggest challenges I faced before Nyan Heroes was building my previous business in the field of digital media. I knew absolutely nothing about the industry, and so I had to learn the entire process from the ground up, from editing to cinematography, graphic design to SEO, and the world of social media influencers.

Despite the challenge, I managed to cultivate and manage the business, resulting in an audience of more than 30 million followers across various social platforms in just 6–7 years.

What do you want to achieve as a CEO?

My ambition as CEO is to create something genuinely unique in the gaming industry — an extraordinary concept driven by groundbreaking technology and captivating storytelling. I’ve always loved games, and at the same time, been incredibly curious about tech. I sometimes wish that I had done software engineering instead of Medicine but that’s another story.

Simultaneously, I strive to bring talented collectives together as part of our studio and empower them to have the confidence to challenge conventions, experiment, and do good in this world.

Why do you personally care about embedding inclusion and belonging in Nyan Heroes culture?

We are a fully-remote studio covering over 30 countries and are committed to building a culture of mutual respect, teamwork, and inclusivity. With technology bringing us closer and by celebrating, recognizing, and valuing the commonalities of humanity, the future of the games industry will be immensely successful.

What do you value the most at Nyan Heroes?

Honesty, transparency, being kind and understanding to one another, and doing good. This is what is most valuable to me.

How will you continue to innovate in an ever-evolving space?

As we continuously strive to innovate in the gaming world, it is essential to read widely, critically assess information, and think outside of the box. No one holds the answers, so it’s imperative that we challenge the status quo and remain intellectually curious.

What advice would you give to anyone starting a new company in the video games industry?

My guidance to any person setting up a new business in the video games industry is to keep up to date with new technology trends and consider how they could impact the games industry as a whole. For example, there is an AI revolution taking place right now with chatGPT, stable diffusion, and soon-to-come products. As knowledge and technical expertise become more accessible, it will be creativity and delivery that separate your project from the rest.

What is your favorite game and what are the longest hours of a game that you’ve played?

My favorite game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for nostalgia, although BotW was great. I have spent countless hours playing Counterstrike between 1.6 and CSGO, likely over 3000 hours altogether!

How many cats do you have? And which of them is more like you?

I have 4 cats and the one who is the most similar to me is Coco. He can snooze anywhere and anytime, loves food, and has a round tubby belly. :)

Above: Coco, Max’s cat most similar to him

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Nyan Heroes is a free-to-play hero shooter that combines fast-paced, competitive gameplay with a real-world impact. Developed by a remote team of seasoned game developers and powered by Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology, Nyan Heroes pays homage to cats and offers a AAA multiplayer experience with epic mech character classes, thrilling cat-like movements, and unique gameplay abilities.

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