Mech Drop, The Road Ahead, and Community Updates from our Co-Founder, Max

Hey Nyan Army!

I recognize that it’s been a while since we made a blog post and at last month’s Town Hall, we recommitted to keeping the lines of communications open with more regular updates once our new marketing director was fully onboarded.

It’s been an eventful year and while we haven’t been able to move forward with some of our planned initiatives due to the state of the market, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made and are excited to share a ton of updates with you today!

The Genesis Guardian Mech Drop is finally here!

Genesis Guardian Drop Announcement Video

For this first Genesis Guardian Mech Drop, we wanted it to be a special experience for everyone in our community. We’ve been heads down developing a pipeline to create actual in-game renders of the guardian mechs, which means for Genesis Nyan NFT holders, these Genesis Guardians will actually be the same mechs you will be able to play with in the game upon launch.

Here are some important details for this upcoming event:

A snapshot of all wallets holding a Genesis Nyan NFT will be taken on October 4th @ 12am PT / 7am UTC. If you don’t already own a Genesis Nyan NFT, it’s not too late, you can still get one from these marketplaces: OpenSea, Magic Eden, or Solanart before the snapshot date in order to participate in the Genesis Guardian Mech Drop

Wallets captured during the snapshot will be airdropped a Guardian Mech Token on October 7th @ 6am PT / 1pm UTC allowing you to participate in the public mint and special “unboxing” experience on our website at If you miss out on this event, don’t worry! You will still get your Genesis Guardian airdropped to your wallet some time after the public mint.

But wait, there’s much more! We’re going to be hosting loads of fun community events with giveaways planned over the coming weeks leading up to the public mint and after. Join our Discord to find out more!

This is just the first Genesis Guardian that Genesis Nyan NFT holders will receive. As a reminder, the Nyan NFT is our VIP mintpass that will not only grant access to future benefits such as a second Genesis Guardian drop, land presales, and early access to the game itself, but also additional in-game items, future NFT drops, and in-game tokens. Our community of Nyan holders have already begun redeeming token benefits via $CTNP staking missions!

Roadmap Updates

From the beginning, our vision has been ambitious and so of course our goals had to match. We have a vision of what a AAA game title within the Web3 space could be and should be, and that will not change. However, as I’ve said before, developing a AAA game is hard. Developing a AAA game in Web3 is even harder. As we touched on in last month’s Town Hall, there are delays on our roadmap and unfortunately that means we will not be hitting our milestones for the rest of the year. Game development is an iterative process and as a fledgling studio in uncharted waters, we not only have to build a team to support our vision, but the technology as well. Milestones on the roadmap have now shifted as we reprioritize some of our development based on key hires and learnings as well as the state of the market.

Here specifically, I wanted to highlight a couple key changes to our roadmap. We’re targeting a Q3 2023 date for our alpha release and will tie our IDO to that. After much discussion with the team, while we’re still bullish, it’s hard to predict when the market will bounce back. Also, it makes better sense to keep the IDO and the alpha release close together so the tokens will have some utility and use within our ecosystem.

This isn’t the news that we wanted to deliver to you, our community, but we’re extremely grateful that you are supporting us along the way as we continue to make progress on the game. It’s your enthusiasm and our shared belief between devs and players that gets us through this winter. Thank you for that.

Regular Updates & Community Events

We promised there’d be a ton of updates so thanks for reading up to this point, just a few more important things we wanted to share today:

Dev Dispatches

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be bringing back weekly Dev Blogs starting this Friday, September 30th, rebranded as “Dev Dispatches”. The blogs will be better than ever with each one taking a deep dive focused on what a specific team is working on each week. This will give you a deeper peek into our development process.

Inside Nekovia

Separate from the Dev Dispatches, this monthly newsletter will include a studio update on the month’s development progress from each team.

Meet The Team

We really want to make a connection with you all in our community and get to know us a bit more. We’ve made a lot of new hires in the past year and we can’t wait to introduce ourselves to you!.

Community Events

We have a slew of new weekly and monthly community events planned on our Discord so check in regularly and see what we are doing!

I can’t say it enough so THANK YOU! from all of us, for being a part of our journey. #WAGMI




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