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8 min readNov 4, 2022

Calling all Heroes…

Our team will be broadcasting news here regarding the exciting events happening around the development of Nyan Heroes in the great world of Nekovia! Through our transmissions, you can receive updates regarding art, design, engineering, and production development being generated by our cat-tastic team, and see previews of what you can expect of Nyan Heroes in the near future!

Art Update

Our art team has been hard at work creating new and exciting assets for Nyan Heroes. Below are just some of the fantastic creations being concocted for Neo Nekovia and other maps within Nyan Heroes.

Modular Building Concept

Modular Building structure concept art showcasing possible building designs

Above is our modular building concept. Through the work of our exceptional concept artist Alessandro Rocco, we are developing more concepts for this in-game asset. Once we have determined our final concept for the structures, we will then reconstruct them into 3D assets. This is an exciting and collaborative process between design, concept art and 3D art that ensures feasibility and gameplay functionality of every asset that goes into the game!

Biome Update

Setting is paramount to the Nyan Heroes experience. As we are designing engrossing environments and assets for players to traverse through and interact with, our team has developed exciting new artwork that help us define our style guide. Below are a few concepts for future biomes you can look for in-game.

Our cat-walk crosswalk lighting concept
This bus will take you around Nekovia and back, all aboard!

Props Update

Just as an immersive world like Nekovia wouldn’t be so without all of its small moving parts, the tides of battle can change on a whim with the proper utilization of a small buff or heal! It really is the little things that count! Our team has been working on machines intended to be utilized as cover and for consumption of dispensable goodies.

Here are a few examples!

Dispenses Pizza Immediately
Dispenses Capsule Toys
Dispenses Custom Made Sandwiches
Offers a variety of posh snacks

Featured Guardian Classes

We have been hard at work optimizing our Guardians for your Nyans. Each class of Guardian we’ve developed is perfectly sculpted for optimal performance. This month, we are showcasing our Sniper Guardian designs and descriptions, giving you a peek at what Guardians you can pilot in Nyan Heroes.

The Sniper Guardian Concept

Manufacturer: KATZ

Description: Another fast yet fragile class, the Sniper would do well to avoid direct fire from the enemy. Armed with a high-powered rifle, the Sniper class excels in taking out high-priority mobile targets with a single shot or forcing them to retreat and heal.

Unnamed Guardian Concept

Manufacturer: SCRATCH

Description: Slower and built like a tank, this Guardian would rather have his machines do all the dirty work for him. The Mechanic is able to set up sentries, traps, and other gadgets, making this Guardian a menace to deal with without a Scout.

Vehicle Update

Our art team has been revving their engines creating a series of new vehicles of Neo Nekovia. From being utilized as a form of cover to functioning as a method of travel within Nekovia, these vehicles will come in variety of shapes and sizes to suit our Nyans’ needs. Below, we’ve shared our Neo Nekovian Garbage Truck from concept to final asset.

Weapon Update

Our weapons have undergone several concept updates since their initial conception. Currently, we are on our fourth iteration of the weapons that have had rounds of feedback from our Design and Art teams to make them gameplay compatible, and with improved aesthetics and fidelity. Our aim is to provide the most visually-stunning PC game possible, so we strive to improve the quality of our work until our teams are happy with the results!

Here are a few of our ongoing concepts for weaponry for Nyan Heroes:

Community Update

The Nyan Heroes team is so grateful for the community that we have actively engaged with this year. We are diligently working on updating our community channels and engagement strategy to make Nyan Heroes a one-of-a-kind community driving both engagement and inclusive values in our gaming culture.

During the month of October we celebrated our Genesis Guardian Drop by hosting a flurry of events within the community such as our Guardian Skin Competition, Flash Events, Raffles & Twitter giveaways, and more! Here are a few of our Guardian Skin Competition winners below!

We provided the community with a blank Guardian template so that they could add their own personal touch to the Guardians.

Narrative Updates

Narrative team has been hard at work, jumping and assisting our different teams by providing background and personality where required. You may have caught a snippet of this teamwork in September’s Mech Madness!

We’ve been fleshing out the world of Nyan Heroes, from its tumultuous history to the present-day lives and conflicts in Neo Nekovia. The world of Nyan Heroes will continue to expand, and the narrative team is focusing their efforts on creating colorful characters, juicy lore, and plenty of story hooks to make Nyan Heroes an experience to be savored for years to come!

Engineering Update

Within a game company or studio, the Engineering Department often provides the foundation upon which other departments build upon. Engineers develop the pipelines, systems, and technologies that allow for the creation of that engaging gameplay that gamers fall in love with. Without this foundation and technology, our other teams wouldn’t be able to create the beautiful worlds we find ourselves in while playing a game.

This month, our engineers have been focusing on building upon the foundations of the game in order to enable our other teams’ ability to deliver more seamlessly the fun and the ‘WOW’ into Nyan Heroes.

Our engineering aims have been set to furthering the development of systems that support online play; specifically, the functionality behind the play with other members of in-game teams. It’s critical to hone in on this aspect of backend gameplay development because our game designers need to know and get a feel for how our gameplay mechanics work during live play sessions in order to build upon each small element in such a way that supports the grand vision of the world we’re creating. From testing how different weapons shoot to focusing on how the layout of the world impacts gameplay, our other teams, specifically designers in this case, depend on our engineering team to provide the technologies that allow for this all to function efficiently.

Lastly, during the month of October, our engineers have further developed the foundation for the technologies and systems that will support player ownership of their in-game assets well before the launch of Nyan Heroes with our Genesis Guardian Drop. The technologies and systems are built on the Solana blockchain, which aligns with our goals of giving players true ownership of their game assets while also being environmentally sensitive.

Production Update

As we continue to develop Nekovia, Production is actively creating new and exciting ways to interlink our art, design, and engineering concepts to make Nyan Heroes an AAA gaming experience. Our producers have been overseeing the development and implementation of every pillar of game development that you’ve read about above. Their aim is to ensure that Nyan Heroes is as immersive and engaging as we all envision it to be.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve said above, every small detail matters and has been touched by human hearts, minds ,and hands in some way, shape, or form. We welcome you all to embark closely on this journey with us as we build Nekovia together.

Thank you so much for tuning in to this month’s INSIDE NEKOVIA broadcast. For more updates, please stand by for future transmissions…

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