Genesis Nyans — A Deep Dive

As we have shared in our whitepaper, Genesis Nyans hold utility and value beyond just that of an limited PFP.

Things we mentioned include:

  1. Mint pass to claim 2 Genesis Guardian NFTs

Today, we will be deep diving into points 1 and 2, to illustrate the incredible use cases of our Genesis Nyans!

Claim Your Genesis Guardian NFT

Genesis Nyans will come in various rarities, ranging from common to legendary. The drop rates are as follows: common 46%, uncommon 29%, rare 14%, ultra rare 7%, legendary 4%

At a certain point in time, we will take a snapshot of every wallet that holds a Genesis Nyan NFT. These wallets will be airdropped a token that will allow holders to mint a Genesis Guardian for free.

We will NOT be announcing when this snapshot will be taken until after it has been taken and the date of our Genesis Guardian mint has been set. The purpose of this is to ensure traders do not try to game the system! This snapshot might be taken the day after our public sale, or the day before our Genesis Guardian drop. No one will know. Owners who own multiple Nyans will be given multiple tokens.

Genesis Guardians will also have different rarities, ranging from common to legendary. Owners of legendary Genesis Nyans will only be able to claim a legendary Genesis Guardian. Owners of common Genesis Nyans will only be able to claim a common Genesis Guardian.

Legendary Genesis Guardians will not be able to be minted via normal means in-game, and thus will be incredibly limited and scarce.

Players who play our game using a Genesis Guardian will receive an increased amount of CTNP and rewards for their activities. Players who are free players who do not own a Guardian NFT will receive a decreased amount of CTNP and other rewards for their activities. The amount of CTNP and rewards that players receive will essentially scale with the rarity of the Guardian. The rates are not yet finalized, but all Guardian owners will receive a good portion of rewards, with free players receiving substantially less.

Free players will still be able to progress in game and eventually earn their way to minting a Guardian NFT, however, the proportion of CTNP they earn will be much less than those with Guardian NFTs or Genesis Guardians.

Early Access to Land Presales

Land in Nekovia will be subdivided into 5 categories that start from the central genesis region to the outer regions.

These regions will correspond to our Genesis Nyan rarities. For example in our presales, legendary Genesis Nyan holders will be given first access to purchase Genesis land plots.

Land will be used to create guilds in our game. Each parcel of land will allow a certain number of guild members to join your guild. We will be incorporating guild missions, boss raids and various other challenging guild-only quests with our land update.

Guilds will be able to share resources, allowing players or large entities to form scholarship programs in-game.

Guilds will also be able to build various things on their land, including marketplaces, job boards, shops, repair centres, and more. By having a large active guild, in a central part of Nekovia, your land will provide increased foot traffic for visitors who may wish to interact with your various stores or trading posts. The more traffic and interactions your guild receives, the more commissions you receive overall, which will allow you to expand your guild further. If your guild owns the largest in-game marketplace in Nekovia, the rewards will be bountiful for you and your friends. In addition, the guild itself sets their own fees in our free open-world marketplace.

Land, particularly central land, will have a limited supply in Nekovia. Once all land parcels have been distributed, there will be no more land available unless someone decides to sell their land plot.

Thanks for sticking around to the end! We hope this provides a greater understanding of the value behind holding our cute and quirky Nyans!



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