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4 min readAug 10, 2023

Who hasn’t been comforted by the soft purr of a cat? What if I told you that this gentle sound once sparked a wave of inspiration among a team of designers? That’s right: a simple cat, with its blend of calm and alertness, became the muse for our now-adored Medic Cat.

When we first thought about the cats, initial drawings ranged from cartoonish whimsy to awe-inspiring realism. Among a select roster of hero cats, the Medic Cat held a unique charm. Its journey from sketches to a more refined design revealed a blend of stylized proportions juxtaposed with almost tangible realistic renders.

We wanted our cats to connect emotionally with players. Achieving this through human-like eyes and a Disney-inspired physique, the Medic Cat began to exude a futuristic, sterile vibe. With cues taken from medical robots, state-of-the-art dental gear, and elements of evangelionism, sci-fi, and Asian aesthetics, the Medic Cat became a creation both grounded in reality and elevated by imagination. Delving into some of our archived designs, the evolution of the Medic Cat is evident — its rich cultural influences, intriguing details, and ties to actual cat breeds have carved a special niche within our game.

Dressed in a hybrid pilot suit from Pfurzer Meditech, the Medic Cat isn’t just about looks. Its nanotech-infused uniform lets it sync with mechs and combat simulators, granting instant access to vast medical databases via neural commands. Historically, in Old Nekovia, Pfurzer Meditech employed these adept Nyans to support home-based Nyans, attending to the young, elderly, and those with disabilities. Over time, their roles included overseeing the latest medical devices, but as Nekovia faced post-cataclysmic challenges, these technologies adapted for combat mechs, emphasizing pilot safety and efficiency.

Drawing inspiration from the playful and silky white semi-long furred Turkish Van breed, the Medic Cat is also designed for personalization. For us, player expression is important. Ultimately, we envision players flaunting their uniquely styled Nyans, mirroring the pride one feels when sharing cherished pet photos with loved ones.

Transitioning to animations, the Medic Cat’s behaviors are a marvel to behold. Whether it’s their contemplative idle behavior or their dainty walk on their hind legs, each action is deliberate and impactful. The initial idea to stride on two paws is one of the dynamics we’re revisiting to enhance in-game realism.

The Medic Cat isn’t just a visual treat. Aesthetically, it offers players a degree of “Cats-omization” — allowing the ability to tweak fur colors, patterns, and outfits to their preference. Beyond mere charm, the Medic Cat provides players with a controllable and dynamic in-game presence, both in action and UI. Coupled with unique abilities that highlight its interaction with the mech and potential feline-themed mech modifications, it blends delightful aesthetics with strategic depth.

Taking a step back to see the broader picture, the Medic Cat, as you now perceive it, is the result of countless iterations, feedback loops, and devoted input. Looking ahead, we’re thrilled about the prospect of enriching its lore, enhancing its playability, and introducing personalized spaces like garages for these feline wonders and their mechs.

As we conclude Cats of Nekovia: Medic Cat, one developer aptly describes, “The Medic Cat embodies a clean aesthetic inspired by stylish and sci-fi influences. It’s akin to having a portrait of your own feline companion. If I could change anything, it would be to make its face even more cat-like. This cute, seemingly harmless creature might surprise you. Give it a gun, and well, it’s a game-changer.”

Stay tuned! Our next post promises to be purr-fect for the feline aficionado in you. What’s coming? Another hero cat ready to captivate your heart.

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