Cat Block #3: Genesis Guardians, More Than a JPEG

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4 min readOct 25, 2022

By Tyler Trang — Community Manager

Good afternoon Nyans!

It’s already been two weeks since we’ve launched our mint for our first Genesis Guardian drop. We hope you had an amazing experience unboxing your very own playable character in Nyan Heroes! Our team worked extremely hard to build a unique experience in the Web3 space for our holders.

If you haven’t minted your Genesis Guardian yet, you can do so by checking out our unboxing experience here: Don’t worry if you miss out on the unboxing! Holders will have their Genesis Guardians airdropped to them if they didn’t participate in the unboxing experience by November 7th.

What can I do with my Genesis Guardian NFT?

The Genesis Guardians that you’ve minted by holding your Genesis Nyans aren’t just for show. They are playable characters and accurate representations of what they will look like in our game when it launches. These Guardians accompany the Genesis collection, are the first of their kind, and possess benefits beyond just SOL value.

Genesis Guardians have increased yield compared to other Guardian collections. Holders will have the ability to lend their NFT to the userbase to play with! Lenders will earn a portion of the currency earned by the players using their Guardians in our game.

A recent NyanDAO proposal on our Discord was approved to allow Genesis Guardian holders to join NyanDAO in a limited capacity. Genesis Guardian holders will soon have access to the holder’s chat as well as the alpha portion of our DAO. Get ready to squad up when our game is released!

What do the attributes mean?

The Genesis Guardians have 12 properties tied to them. Amongst the entire 11,111 Genesis Guardian collection, each Guardian has completely unique attributes from one another!


  • Guardian — The name of the character
  • Rarity — The quality of the Guardian
  • Collection — The set that the Guardian is apart of
  • Class — Their special role that differentiates their main combat abilities
  • Manufacturer — The company that made the Guardian model
  • Background — The background for the Genesis Guardian NFT
  • Back, Head and Arm Gear — The different combat attachments on the Guardian
  • Temperment, Assignment, Squad — The different markings on the Guardian, what do they mean?

Where can I get a Genesis Guardian?

Our collections are verified and listed on Solana NFT Marketplaces such as Magic Eden and Solanart. You must have a crypto wallet like Phantom, that contains Solana and can connect to these marketplaces to purchase a Genesis Guardian.

Magic Eden — Genesis Guardian Collection
Solanart — Genesis Guardian Collection

You can also purchase one of our Genesis Nyans in preparation of the second Guardian Drop in Quarter 3 of 2023. New guardians will be available in our second Guardian Drop, with more details to come in the future!

You can grab a Genesis Nyan from the following marketplaces:

Magic Eden — Genesis Nyan Collection
Solanart — Genesis Nyan
OpenSea — Genesis Nyan

Thank you for reading! We appreciate the support that you’ve given our project. Making a AAA-quality game is a lot of work, and our team puts in a ton of effort behind the scenes that I hope we can show you soon! I hope everyone stays warm for the crypto winter ahead of us, WAGMI!


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