Cat Block #1: The Utility of Holding a Genesis Nyan NFT

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3 min readSep 27, 2022


Good morning Nyan Fam,
Today we are going to be going over the utilities of our Genesis Nyan NFT. Genesis Nyan NFTs is our VIP mintpass that grants exclusive access to amazing perks for our holders.

Earn $CTNP Token
You can earn $CTNP that can be used in-game or tradeable on the marketplace by sending your Nyan on a Staking Expedition. These are time-locked quests that last a period of 7, 14 or 30 days depending on the type of adventure you send your Nyan on. The longer they are sent out on their adventure, the more $CTNP that they will earn for you. You must complete the full time trial to earn rewards. Another factor that increases the $CTNP that you earn is based off of the rarity of your Nyan.

$CTNP is held on escrow in our database until it is officially released on the marketplace. If you haven’t, connect your wallet to and send them out on their first adventure!

NFT Airdrops
By holding a Nyan, you will receive special airdrops such as the two Genesis Guardian Mech Drops. These airdrops are sent directly to your wallet. Some airdrops could include useable in-game items as well as have real life utility in the future.

NyanDAO Access
NyanDAO is a community-based organization focused on growing the ecosystem and offering unique benefits to active community members. Complete Bounties to earn $NYN, vote on proposals, find other like-minded holders within the project. Join our Discord to find out how to become an exclusive member of NyanDAO!

Custom Origin Story
You get to come up with the story of your very own Genesis Nyan! Are they soldiers ready to hit the frontlines and protect Nekovia? Or are they builders who create large organizations to seek greater riches? The story is yours to tell!

Early Access Holders of the Genesis Nyan
Holders will be granted early access to game playtests and presales! Come playtest our game and help us build a better Nekovia! Get your foot into the door early and get access to land sales! Own your very own piece of land in Nekovia.

There are many benefits to holding a Genesis Nyan and there is even more coming in the future! You will just have to wait and find out what’s to come!

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