Battledome Legends ft. Claymore

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4 min readAug 29, 2023


In Nekovia, cats reign supreme and walk confidently across the land, but in the Battledome, a cat’s mech truly rules and stands legendary. In this new series we’ll be diving deep into the inspiration and rich lore behind our formidable mechs: the partner in battle that will launch each player to becoming the champion of the arena!

When we first began creating the different classes of mechs, one stood out as a necessary part of the roster: The Claymore Warrior. The team aimed for a balanced Guardian that could excel both at the frontline and in attack, with the capability to sustain damage. This goal inspired the design of the warrior, resulting in a robust yet nimble build for this close range fighter.

The Claymore was one of the first combat-ready mech models built after the Cataclysm. Designed by the legendary robotics manufacturer Nekomura Industries, the Claymore is known for its battlefield utility and reliability, making it extremely popular as an entry-level combat mech.

As the world grew more hostile, the Nyans felt the need to protect themselves against many emerging threats. Older Nyans focused on self-protection, while younger ones wanted to take charge of security. The Claymore was modeled as a “gentle giant”, offering practical strength while sporting acceptable comfort in line with the Nyan culture.

Though considered outdated in present-day Nekovia, the Claymore remains the most-used Guardian design in the Battledome. To fully use all of its intricate features, a skilled pilot is required. Certain models of the Claymore are also equipped with a retractable light blade, ensuring close-quarters dominance — but these remain an extremely rare sight on the field.

The design evolution of the Claymore Warrior is a tale of passion. Blending the ingenuity of our in-house artists with external concept designers, it took cues from modern game mechs, achieving a balance between tank and assassin classes. From the Warrior’s large size, mechanics, and mobile style, the art team took much inspiration from other piloted mechs in modern games.

In game, the intention is for the Claymore Warrior to be the balanced close to mid-ranged fighter. This mech’s ability and loadout set the player up to jump in and out of battle leaving an explosive trail of destruction in its path. Players can expect to get up close and personal with their opponents while staying on the move to control large areas in the Battledome. We want to give this frontline fighter the opportunity to fight up close while still finding the balance such that other mechs can still stand a chance, so it has been an exciting challenge to adjust this and other classes to have a fair fight in mid ranged battles.

The Battledome awaits all heroes and will be opening up its doors soon! During the playtest, players will be welcomed into the Deathmatch Mode Playtest where they can choose from three types of mech to play. Choose your mech, be it the frontline Warrior, the agile assassin or the strategic medic. Explore, engage and see which mech model suits you!

Help shape the future of Nyan Heroes and be the first to experience this and many other aspects of the game. Sign-ups are open for the playtest now at



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