gm Nyan Army!

We are excited to announce the beginning of the gamefi era — the official Nyan Heroes NFT Staking Expeditions program is now available on our website for all Genesis Nyan holders! As we work towards building the premier AAA play-to-earn game, we want to create ways to…

As we draw closer to our Public Sale on November 8th, the team at Nyan Heroes is excited to announce details of our Nyan Ambassador (Nyanbassador) Program. We believe that our community will eventually shape the destiny of the Nyan Heroes Project! We need your help and support to spread…

As we have shared in our whitepaper, Genesis Nyans hold utility and value beyond just that of an limited PFP.

Things we mentioned include:

  1. Mint pass to claim 2 Genesis Guardian NFTs
  2. Early access to land presales
  3. Access to exclusive airdrops (NFTs, potential tokens, etc)
  4. Early access to beta tests

Nyan Heroes

An NFT Play2Earn Metaverse, saving real kitties one Nyan at a time!

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